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Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

Tammy Desko, M.A. LPC

Greetings friend, 

In life there are spiritual, physical, emotional and mental obstacles that test and challenge us. Here at Abba Christian Counseling, PLLC you will find a comfortable, non-judgmental, peaceful place to grow and heal. I will listen and guide you toward resolution and peace, while together we move toward an enhanced "you". I have a deep passion to see broken hearts become healed through an eclectic mix of counseling techniques while integrating biblical principles. It would be a pleasure to assist you on your journey, and walk with you as we explore your feelings and concerns. I am ready to listen when you are ready to share.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I will tailor your counseling based on your personal needs utilizing various proven techniques, including but not limited to: 


Services provided: 

What is
Christian Counseling? Well Christian Counseling or Biblical Counseling is defined in many ways. However, Dr Jeremy Lelek, Ph.D. , President of Association of Biblical Counselors, in his dissertation says it like this:

"Biblical counseling endeavors to build a relationship with another person in which God’s work of change can thrive. It is therefore dependent on the Word of God, the work of the Holy Spirit and the grace of Jesus Christ. It seeks to build a contextualized understanding of the counselee (past and present) and will view that data through the lens of Scripture. The Biblical counselor rests in the knowledge that he is not the change agent, but a tool in the hands of the One who is. The biblical counselor does not ignore physical issues or emotional data, but seeks to integrate them into a holistic understanding of the person and where change needs to take place. The biblical counselor is not adversarial in his relationship to the psychologies of his culture, but examines research and insights through the lens of Scripture. In his work with the counselee the biblical counselor always recognizes the sovereignty of God, the transformative grace of Christ, and the insight-giving and conviction-producing ministry of the Holy Spirit. In all of this the biblical counselor sees himself not as an isolated instrument of change, but one whose work is intimately connected to God’s primary tool of change; the church, with all of its God-ordained, duties, structures and means of grace."

Located in Colleyville, serving all of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Thank You and God Bless,

Tammy C. Desko, M.A., LPC

Christian Counseling